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We offer maintenance and support packages that are realistic and affordable so when problems arise you don't have to spend hours on the phone missing out on important time with your business or family, leave it to us, we got you covered.


We know its hard to keep a website upto date when you are running a business, so we can offer ongoing work alongside you, we can do a regular check of your website (monthly, quarterly) to check their aren't issues or content that is no longer relevant. We can suggest developments in stages and phases to make the developments manageable for your business. We can advice on current trends and best working practice and put them in place.


How many times have you be locked out of you system and had to recreate a password?

 We can update and securely store your passwords so you don't lose them, and share with specific employees (or delete their access to your system when they leave or change position).
(Some business insurances require monthly password changes to maintain insurance validity!) 

We use LASTPASS  a secure password system.


If you are using wordpress we can update your version of Wordpress to stay upto date with security, and general improvements that wordpress makes. getting behind on your wordpress updates can cause serious issues with plugins.


We will update plugins so your website doesn't suddenly stop functioning the way it is supposed to or if a plugin becomes defunct we will remove it and find a new one that works for you. 


Yes, we can check, and fix your website's broken links to internal and external pages on the web.


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