Web site analysis

We know a lot of people struggle getting people to see their website.

We know it can take some work to be high up in Google
but we have achieved it regularly for people,
again and again, and we can prove it.

We enjoy it and are good at it...


We analyse your website (or a previous one),
so we can see what is working and what's not.

The truth of your website's successes or failures are visible with a variety of tools
(e.g Google Analytics & Woorank ).

We can show you which pages people see, and don't,
how they have arrived on your website
(e.g social media, email marketing, or other websites).

We can create goals so we know which products or services people are seeing or not.

We can make changes to your website
and change your business on the basis of that data.

Let go of the guess work about what people see on your website
and see the truth, see the data.

Lets make a date